outeniqua family market

Always Fresh

Our orders are made to order with only the freshest local ingredients

Our food is made the traditional way with superior ingredients and with an abundance of love!

At the Pancake Stall we pride ourselves in serving homemade, nostalgic, comforting, tasty dishes.


Cinnamon & Sugar R5.00 | Nutella Choc R10.00 | Caramel R10.00 | Caramel & Banana R12.00
outeniqua family market


Cinnamon & Sugar – Small R20.00 | Cinnamon & Sugar – Large R30.00


Plain R15.00 | Curry Mince R35.00 | Savory Mince R35.00 | Cheese, Jam & Syrup R30.00 | Chicken Mayo R35.00
outeniqua family market


Curry Mince R25.00 | Chicken Mayo R25.00

Come visit us at the Outeniqua Family Market every Saturday and go on a taste trip with us!